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Rent a late model luxury limousine at an affordable rate which will exceed your expectation for all occasions.

You'll find that the hourly pricing for luxury transportation can sometimes be an inhibiting factor initially. Though, once you find out how affordable it can be when everyone involved is chipping in on the cost... You'll be wondering why you have wasted so much on ride sharing apps! Say you and 15 friends are all going to a concert, music festival or sporting event, while your instinct may be to split up between various sedans and meet up later after you get picked up and dropped off, think about the individual cost for each vehicle you will be paying fare on as a group, had you pooled that together you could all be together having a blast on board our nightclub on wheels. For our part, we, at Party Bus Tacoma have worked very hard to keep our pricing at a very affordable point for people in all price ranges, luxury limousine service is not just for a special occasion anymore, any day can be a special day our on the town.

You'll find that our prices fluctuate, which is the reason you're not going to find any price list on this page. The reasoning behind our price fluctuations is simply because we operate on what we call a "fixed profit scale". This means essentially that as our costs fluctuate up and down with various factors, our pricing subsequently does the same. With this structure we are able to give you great deals whenever market conditions allow! If you need a quote, just call us today for a free no hassle quote 24 hours a day. In order to facilitate an accurate and quick quote for you, just have the following information handy:

  • Required Information
  • The date you will require service
  • Which city you'll need to be picked up in
  • How long you'll need to hire our services
  • How many people you'll be bringing along on your trip
  • Optional But Helpful Information
  • Where are we dropping you off?
  • Will we be making multiple stops?
  • Are all guests above the legal drinking age?
  • Do you or your group have any special requests?

With this info handy, you'll get a quote accurate to the dollar, and from there you can set your plan in action!

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